Success in a Home Based Business

Success or failure in building a Home Based Business for any entrepreneur is a matter of discipline, market conditions, demand, and timing just as in any business. These business building principles are interdependent. The absence of one renders the others useless. For example, market conditions, demand, and timing can be aligned for the perfect storm of opportunity to occur. But if you lack the disciplines required to prepare yourself and to take the actions necessary to take advantage of the massive, explosive growth opportunities that will occur, then you will be left behind. This is not to say you will not make a dime, but you are not going to make a substantial amount of income if you miss "the tipping point" for that product or service. When a product or service reaches approximately a two to three percent market penetration, it is at "the tipping point". That is where a product or service becomes accepted by the masses and goes vertical to an eighty percent market penetration with in the next eight to ten years in most cases. This "up and to the right" phenomenon movement is a wave you want to be in front of, not behind!

Networks of Distribution

John Paul Getty once asked the question, "Would you rather have 100% of your business from one individual, or 1% from 100 people?" The answer is obvious; 1% in 100 people, so if one or two quit, you have 98% still producing. The wealthiest people in American built "networks" of distribution, whether it was electricity, automobiles, railroads, or food distributors. That is exactly what network business models allow you the opportunity to do; build multiple points of distribution of a needed product or service. The light bulb did not make Edison wealthy. It was the network for distributing electricity. Start building your network today. It starts with one. That one becomes two. Those two become ten, and so on. The important thing is that you get started today; not tomorrow. Network marketing has a geometric growth curve over time. One day wasted can cost you a fortune. The power of one is an awesome thing! Here is what I and my organization have accomplished. I am not burning the house down in MLM, but my residual income is greater than my retirement check, which took twenty years to earn:

year end results 2008

Starting vs Succeeding

So you want to start a home based business. Great! Right up front I want to say that "it is not" going to be easy. "If it's easy, it's sleazy". America is full of people that will sign up for anything. All you've done is spend some of your hard earned cash if you think you are going to make some money by just signing up in something, sit on your hands and not doing anything. "It is hard" to make one hundred thousand dollars a year, especially if you are going to do it part-time while you work on the job full-time (and that is the way you should do it), raise a family, attend all the school related functions, church, and you name it. It is hard as heck. It is simple, but it is not easy.

This is the Hard Part

You are not the person you need to be to succeed. Got it? Does it hurt? It hurt me when I finally had to admit it. If you are going to succeed at your home based business, you are going to have to change; become something more. You are not the person you need to be right now, to have great success. Personal development is the key! If you don't think so, think again. I am speaking from experience. My sponsor kept telling me that I needed to read this book or listen to this or that CD. I told them, "I'm ok in that area. I feel pretty good about myself. I am good with people". I am sure my sponsor was about to "gag". I did not know what I did not know. I had to become a totally different person; from one that had been told what to do all my life and being a follower, to one that needed to learn to lead by doing; by example. I had to learn to be a self starter, a positive excited person, a person that set goals and worked hard to achieve them. I had to learn to say "no" to a lot of things and change the amount of time I was spending with people that were heading in the opposite direction from which I wanted to go. I had to get around some successful people and learn what they did to succeed. To sum it up, add up the salaries of the five people you spend most of your time with and divide by five. I bet you are real close to what you are making! If your friends aren't going in your direction, you may have to leave them behind. Some of them will come along later, when they see you succeeding.

Success or Failure - The Slight Edge

So what does it take? If you can develop the discipline to repeat simple tasks, over time, that don't seem to mount to a "hill of beans" on any given day, you can succeed at just about anything. The "tough part" is that those seemingly little insignificant things are "so easy not to do"! And that is the difference between those that succeed and those that do not. It is "oh" so slight an edge that makes all the difference. It is a simple matter of discipline.

How disciplined are you? Can you change if you are not disciplined? If your answer to the last question is "no", go no further. Keep working for someone else, and that is not a bad thing. Just don't start a business and waste your time, energy, and resources your family needs. Enough said!

Where Do I Begin?

"Begin on you knees" in prayer to the One that cares most about you and your success. He is the One that created you and knows all about you, even before you were born. You may or may not be interested, but here is my opinion and what I have found to be the truth. Your business philosophy is very important to your success. Without the proper perspective, you may obtain great financial success, but be a failure in obtaining the most import thing you could possess; a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. My business philosophy comes right out of the Bible from Philippians 2:3,4 3 Don’t be selfish; don’t live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself. 4 Don’t think only about your own affairs, but be interested in others, too, and what they are doing. NLT

First - "Where do I start?" is the question most entrepreneurs want answered up front. Start by doing the following:

1. Find something you are "genuinely passionate" about that really works as good as they claim it does. Your success will be directly related by how well you transfer your belief in what you have, to your prospect. Would you buy a product that grows hair from someone whose head is "slick" as an onion? "Faking it" does not work for the long term. You may obtain a short term gain, but it will not last. A genuine belief and a positive attitude are contagious.

2. Treat it like a business
Teat it like a business and you will have one; don't and it will be an expensive hobby. Succeeding in your home business takes:

• Discipline
• Hard work
• Consistency
• A never never quit attitude
• Three to five years

These principles must be applied over time. If you are looking for a get rich quick deal, then play the lottery or go to Vegas; don't call me. You will end up broke, every time, on a get rich quick scheme.

Second - Make an honest and realistic assessment of the following:

1. Know your why? The bigger the why, the faster you will succeed. It has been said that "If your why does not make you cry, it is not big enough". Determine your why and "write it down"! Just do it and keep it where you can look at it every day. It is a servo-mechanism that gets you back on coarse when you begin to wonder off course. If you do not do this, forget it. You won't stay on course and you will become a "wondering generality" instead of a "meaningful specific".

2. How much do you want to make? An extra five hundred dollars to one thousand dollars per month is a lot of money to most people. That will pay off your debts, pay for a new car, put your children through college, or even change your zip code. If you can not make an extra one thousand dollars per month, how are you going to make ten thousand dollars or twenty thousand dollars per month? Start small. Be realistic. Then build something substantial.

3. How soon do you want to make it? This must be a realistic estimate directly related to your answers to number 2 and 4. One hour a week won't get you far, but it is a start. Starting is important you know. If you choose the kind of business that you can leverage your one hour with someone else's one or ten hours, then you can eventually reach your goals. When you make a little money you will find two hours, then five, then ten much easier than you thought. I have a team member that is earning between twenty thousand dollars and thirty five thousand per month, in twenty eight months from starting their part-time business, by consistently working ten to fifteen hours a week. How? They converted TV time to "contacting, inviting, and selling", time! Was it worth it? You decide.

4. How much time do you have to devote to your business? If you have one hour per week and want to make five thousand dollars per month in the next three months, forget it. It will not happen! Now, I can show you how to make two hundred and fifty dollars in an hour. Not bad! Now you realize, you have to do something; tell people about what you have to offer. "Oh no, not that!" Yes, for one hour a week you have to tell people about what you are doing, not sell them. Just tell them. That is something anybody can do and that is key to your success. More on that later.

The Game Plan

Knowing realistic answers to numbers 2, 3, and 4 above, then you can arrive at a realistic "game plan" for achieving your goals. The success you will have will be determined largely by the type of home based business you choose to pursue. The remainder of the web site will be a discussion of the right business and business model for you.

The Opportunity to Choose

In business, when (1) Market Conditions, (2) Demand and (3) Timing are perfectly aligned the "Perfect Storm" of opportunity exist. That may happen only once in a life time! If you find such an opportunity, don't miss it! Step out in faith and go for it. So "work full-time on the job while you work part-time on your fortune! Before long, you will be working full-time on your fortune".

Do your research. The opportunity you choose is critical to your long term success and I hope you are thinking "long term". Statistics show that most start-ups are out of business in two to five years. Here are some very important considerations in making your choice on the company that you will place your hopes and dreams in. It must:

• Have a proven business model
• Have a capable management team with integrity
• Be a stable, solid company
• Provide a service or product customers want and need
• Have a great compensation plan that rewards you for producing with no limitations

It is important to review the steps to consider in choosing the proper home business. Do not fail to review the "Choosing a Company" page on this website. You will find contact information to different agencies you will need to contact during your search for the right business.

The Rewards of a Home Based Business

• Tax deductions
• Control of your life
• The life style you and your family deserve
• The ability to give more to others than you ever imagined
• Secure your financial future
• Early retirement
• Achieve your dreams by helping others achieve their own
• Freedom to do what you want, with whom you want (hopefully your spouse if married), any time you want, and take all your
   money with you

What it takes to Succeed in Your Business

• A burning desire (A Big Why?)
• Be teachable (This is major!)
• Be willing to work (Not an option!)
• Be willing to help others succeed (Not mandatory, but a very nice way to make it.)

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